NPC Character List

Major NPCs

Lady Elaydrin – Apparent mid- to high-level member of Aundair’s House Cannith in Sharn for unknown purposes. Sharn’s House Cannith is apparently unaware of her presence. Initially hired the party to retrieve a valuable Cannith schematic from under Sharn and agreed to sponsor the party’s further activities in Sharn and abroad that further her goals. Unsuccessfully attempted to betray the party in order to obtain Dalsyn’s Schema 1. Presumably unaware of the party’s continued existence.

Merrix d’Cannith – Dragonmarked head of House Cannith’s presence in Sharn. Hired the party to search for his agent and retrieve a Cannith schematic in Blackroot Village in the Shadow Marches in exchange for a personal favor. Suspected to be in pursuit of technology that would weaponize elemental bindings on a massive scale (Dalsyn’s Schema 1). Found by the party in the process of summoning elementals in the Burnt Wood for an unknown purpose.

Joram d’Cannith – Legendary member of House Cannith. Developed groundbreaking technology for the house in collaboration with Dalsyn d’Cannith until their split some ten years ago. Neither has been seen in five years. Maintained a now-abandoned lab in a cave network under the Ashen Spire. Was discovered to have researched and somewhat successfully implemented a method for using spirits of the living and dead to strengthen elemental bindings. Apparently interested in some aspects of necromancy.

Dalsyn d’Cannith – Legendary member of House Cannith and collaborator of Joram d’Cannith until their split some ten years ago. Neither has been seen in five years. Maintained a lab in some caves under the Shadow Marshes, where he appeared to have researched how to weaponize elemental bindings by releasing their stored energy in an explosion.

Captain Tusk – Half-orc station chief of House Lyrandar based at Keep Airwatch in the Demon Wastes. Has contracted the party for missions related to obtaining information about the doings of Joram and Dalsyn. Spymaster?

Captain Aerdane – Highly skilled airship captain of House Lyrandar and friend of the party. Has served as pilot on several missions for the party. Highly valued by his house.

Styrix Gloombottle – Relatively low level dwarf mechanic in Sharn’s House Cannith. Investigator Dolum’s informant inside Cannith. Currently working on a device that may be used to neutralize a printed House Cannith schematic.

Junius the Sculptor – Found by the party underneath Sharn, where he maintained a studio devoted to the practice of his art. Currently working under Joris’s patronage on a strange winged statue at the van’Diere estate. Possessed of some magical ability.

Minor NPCs

Juffrey the Pale – Human agent of Lady Elaydrin, and possibly of Aundair’s House Cannith. Kidnapped by the party and turned over to House Lyrandar.

Sharrat Kol – Acquaintance of Alhara Vesten and head of a worker’s movement in Sharn. Wary and mistrustful of the activities of the Cult of the Open Door.

Alhara Vesten – Noble husband of Alheera Vesten in Sharn. Construction and land development magnate who, after becoming involved in a local cult, suddenly disappeared into the tunnels below the city. The subject of the party’s investigation.

Alheera Vesten – Noble wife of Alhara Vesten in Sharn. When visited at her tower house by the party, supplied them with information concerning her husband’s disappearance in connection with a local cult.

Lebanen Kosh – Halfing information broker in the Godsgate district of Sharn. Provided the party information about Alhara’s activities in the area in exchange for gold.

Nef’Haz – A Karnathi necromancer operating out of an abandoned ogre city under the Star Peaks. Hired by Lady Elaydrin to kill the party. Dispatched by the party.

Investigator Dolum – Detective in Sharn’s law enforcement service and the party’s point of contact for the local authorities. Overseeing their investigation into Bonal Geldin’s death and the Vesten case.

Bonal Geldin – Prominent scholar at Morgrave University and studier of pre-civilization Sharn. Found killed in Sharn, apparently by an automaton assassin. Subject of the party’s investigation.

Saber – Capable assassin and fighter. Apparently synthetic and wholly automatous. Most advanced automaton known by most to exist so far. Destroyed by the party in the old House Cannith vaults below Sharn.

Old Man Fitch – Longtime gardener and groundskeeper for the van’Diere family.

Barnaby Fitch – Messenger and errand boy to the van’Diere family. Old Man Fitch’s grandson.

Tock – Semi-humanoid automaton who serves as butler and housekeeper to the van’Diere family. Expensive and has relatively advanced functions and logic compared to most other known automatons.

NPC Character List

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