Burnt Wood by the Mournland

Entry 2 by: Joris van’Diere

Well, that was an interesting conversation. Our ragtag band will come out of this ordeal considerably richer, but it wasn’t as fruitful as I wanted it to be. I have to give Merrix credit, he was brash and threatening as ever once he woke, even bound and totally under our power. I’m not proud of what it took to bring him around, but I had to know what he knew of the place. Despite our hopes (I say our because Violet, odd as she is, seemed to be as curious as I about the topic), Merrix claims to not know anything about how this place is connected to the Day of Mourning. He was just here to claim some old elemental power left over from the druids. I haven’t given up on finding what I want here, though we will have to venture deeper into this strange forest to find it. I’m not looking forward to babysitting our new captive, but it needs to be done.

We’re questing inwards now, a bound and newly-cowed Merrix in tow. It’s a strange thing to say, but sleeping hasn’t been easy since we got here. Strange threatening dreams have crept upon me at night, showing me visions of my death at the hands of the forest. Violet has them too, and they seem to be even worse for her. I assume Dorgin must be having them as well, but perhaps he’s not letting on. Too busy itching for the next fight to worry about it, I suppose. And who knows about Horace. This much is clear though: the forest doesn’t want us here, and it’s making its anger known.

Oh, and Merrix has apparently ransacked the house back in Sharn too, in an effort to claim Dalsyn’s schematic. He didn’t find it, thank the gods, but he did claim the winged statue. Curse him, that was one of the only leads I had to find out more about our parents (and maybe you, sister?), and now it’s gone. Merrix claims to have left the servants unharmed, but I worry for them. Do you remember Old Man Fitch the groundskeeper? We used to play at swords in his gardens, at least until he found us and threw us out. But of course, we’d be back out there the next day.

If he’s done anything to Fitch or his son, he’ll lose more than his ear once I find him again.

Entry 1 by: Joris van’Diere

Well, it’s been some time since I put pen to paper to record my thoughts. But I suppose this is as good a time as any, considering I’m sitting in front of none other than Merrix d’Cannith himself as I write this. I imagine he won’t mind though, considering he’s bound and quite unconscious. Not what you envisioned, right? Given Horace’s…enthusiasm with his knockout chemical, I’ll probably have some time before House Cannith’s lord is in any condition to speak, so I’ll try to trace our group’s path since my last writing for you.

How did I get here, you might ask? It’s a long story, but suffice it to say I’ve been busy on your trail, sister. The group I brought together back in Sharn has proven remarkably…something. Successful might be one way to put it, I suppose, but our path has taken us into some situations we’re lucky to have escaped with our lives from. Not to mention into the poor graces of one automaton warlord, the Karnathi army, at least two cults, and the Brelish and Aundairian branches of House Cannith. Not bad for annoying little brother Joris, no? We’ve had work and have steadily grown our wealth, but we seem to constantly be stumbling (or being manipulated?) into situations where powerful people want us dead. We’ve come into possession of at least two very dangerous secrets in the form of schemata prescribing a way to empower elemental bindings through the perversion of natural and spiritual forces. Our friend Merrix here would gladly have us killed for one of them, and certainly the other as well if he knew it existed. So yes, our situation has become…complicated in the past few weeks. Through it all though, I can’t shake the feeling that I’m getting closer to finding what I’m after. How else to explain how I find myself in the Burnt Wood not ten miles from the border old Cyre, where you were last seen? And investigating an event conspicuously connected to the Day of Mourning? Soon I feel I’ll be able to put to rest the rumors, the whisperings I hear of your connection to this place and that awful day.

Ah, but Merrix is stirring now, so I’ll need to conclude here soon. What could his purpose here have been, I wonder? This place is thought to be connected to the Mourning and I’ll bet that if he’s here, he knows something about it that others don’t. Luckily I’ve got all the cards this time. He’s away from his henchmen out here, he’s got Dorgin’s manacles around his wrists, and I’ve got nothing but time, so I imagine I’ll have some answers soon.

Burnt Wood by the Mournland

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