Joris Van'Diere


Level 7 human Fighter (Duelist)
male, lawful neutral, native of Sharn

Background: Noble
Specialty: Harrier

AC 17 (18 if dual wielding)
HP 71

STR 11 (1)
DEX 18 (
CON 15 (3)
INT 14 (
WIS 10 (0)
CHA 13 (

Masterwork rapier – + 6, 1d8 + 5 dmg
Joram’s hand crossbow +1 – + 7, 1d6 + 5 dmg, range 10/20

Studded leather armor (boar)

Class Features:
Deep Wound
Nimble Dodge
Attack Orders
Deadly Strike
Bolster Allies

Noble (Intimidate, Persuade, Sense Motive, Knowledge (political))

Unusual Items in Possession:
Masterwork Rapier
Joram’s hand crossbow
Chainmail +1 of stealth
Amulet of the emerald claw with map
Notes implicating Lady Elaydrin
Badge of the Cult of the Open Door
Merrix d’Cannith’s signet ring
Merrix d’Cannith’s pendant

Collection of schematics:
Schema 0: Rubbing of a foundational, historical schematic of House Cannith
Schema 1: Dalsyn’s schematic; how to make a lashing/bomb-binding
Schema 2: Joram’s schematic; how to use spirits to stabilize bindings


Scion of a ruined noble house

Searching for his sister, lost in the Mournland, who has the key to restoring the house

Businesslike, intent, somewhat aloof, but he needs help and could make fast friends with experience

Joris Van'Diere

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