The Cultish Case of Mister Vesten

Entry by: Joris van’Diere

I can’t believe these are the hoops I have to jump through to raise these funds. Not long after our incorporation as a adventuring/troubleshooting/detective group for hire, Inspector Dolum of the Sharn city watch handed us a case involving the strange disappearance of a Lord Alhara Vesten. He directed us to Lady Alheera Vesten, his wife, from whom we could pick up the trail. This reward had better be worth the trouble.

After a confrontation with an unusually rude butler at the Vesten’s tower house, we met with the Lady Vesten and found out more about her husband’s disappearance. She told us about his recent involvement with a group that sounds like some sort of cult and was able to point us to the Godsgate district, saying we could surely find out more there. I can’t believe a member of the nobility could be so stupid as to get caught up in a group like this.

After gathering some information from the people of Godsgate, it sounds like Lord Vesten has made a discovery that has apparently been very exciting for his, ah, group. He’s hired a group of adventurers, it seems, and headed down into some tunnels below the district. The best way to find Vesten and get the reward is to head down there after him, so that’s what we’re doing. I can’t wait to be done with this. I’m impatient to leave this place and find out the truth about you, sister.

The Cultish Case of Mister Vesten

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